Due to number of residents still feeding birds and failing to secure their garbage, and the amount of nuisance bear activity in the Town of Lake George, DEC is shifting from an educational mode to an enforcement mode. Residences with bird feeders and other bear attractants will be given a written warning. If they fail to heed the warning they will be issued a ticket that could result in a maximum penalty of $250 fine and 15 days in jail.

DEC regulation prohibits the indirect or incidental feeding of black bears. Avoid indirect or incidental feeding of black bears (and to avoid a written warning and ticket) follow these directions:

  • Eliminate or secure any material that may attract bears.
  • Properly store and manage garbage

o   Store garbage securely. Use bear resistant garbage containers with secure lids.

o   Prevent garbage container overflow.

o   Keep surrounding area clear of trash, no trash outside of container(s).

o   Place garbage to the curb in the morning of pickup, not the night before.

  • Do not feed animals outside

o   Eliminate bird feeders and store food securely.

o   Feed family pets indoors and store pet food securely.

  • Prevent bears from obtaining human food.

o   Clean food grills after every use and store securely.

o   Keep refrigerators and freezers in a secure place.

o   Coolers left outside may attract bears.

  • Keep bears away from your house and property

o   Install motion sensors that detect and repel bear with high-pitched sounds and flashing lights, such as Critter Gitter.

o   Erect electric fencing.

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