Two cameras installed on Town Road as part of Salt Initiative to record road conditions from salt applications

As part of the Lake George Sustainable Salt Initiative, a partnership project between the S.A.V.E. Lake George Partnership and S.I.M.A. (Snow & Ice Management Association, Inc.), Viaesys-Inc., the project’s consultant, has proposed installation of 10 road cameras throughout the watershed to monitor road conditions and Level of Service before, during and after winter events.  The road cameras (low resolution cameras without video capabilities) will be mounted on poles, take pictures of the road every 30 minutes and transmit the images to an online portal.  The images will be compared and analyzed with the salt application data tracking to determine if lower application rates and sustainable salt use can yield similar results.  This will result in decreased highway budgets and salt runoff, reducing corrosion to public and private infrastructure and improved water quality. In the Town of Lake George there are 2 cameras installed near the intersection of Flat Rock Road and Truesdale Hill Road, one is facing south on Flat Rock Road, the other faces west on Truesdale Hill Road.

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