AVAILABILITY OF TOWN OF LAKE GEORGE DRAFT 2017 ANNUAL REPORT FOR MUNICIPAL SEPARATE STORM SEWER SYSTEMS (MS4) AGENCY: Town of Lake George ACTION: Notice of Availability of Draft 2017 MS4 Annual Report SUMMARY: The Director of Planning and Zoning for the Town of Lake George is providing a notice of availability of the Draft 2017 […]

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Posted on March 23, 2017

Two cameras installed on Town Road as part of Salt Initiative to record road conditions from salt applications

As part of the Lake George Sustainable Salt Initiative, a partnership project between the S.A.V.E. Lake George Partnership and S.I.M.A. (Snow & Ice Management Association, Inc.), Viaesys-Inc., the project’s consultant, has proposed installation of 10 road cameras throughout the watershed to monitor road conditions and Level of Service before, during and after winter events.  The […]

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Posted on January 27, 2017

Fee to be Required for Disposal of Electronics at Transfer Station

NOTICE As of Jan 2017 the Town of Lake George  will be charging for electronics (TV’s etc.) brought to the landfill as follows: 2 – 13 inch           $4.00 14-  19 inch           $5.00 20-  24 inch           $8.00 25-  32 inch           $12.00 33-  50 inch           $18.00 Over 50 inch         $25.00

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Posted on January 6, 2017

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