Some Seniors (65 Years and older) to receive 5 day extension on Real PropertyTaxes

Section 925-b of the New York State Real Property Tax Law permits a municipality to provide an additional five (5) business days for certain persons 65 years of age or older who have an ENHANCED STAR OR SENIOR CITIZENS EXEMPTION, to pay their taxes without interest or penalty. The Lake George Town Board passed Resolution No. 107-2019, ‘Resolution Authorizing An Extension Of Up To Five Days For Payment Of Real Property Taxes’. This resolution states in part the following:

‘The Lake George Town Board hereby authorizes its Receiver of Truces and Assessments to accept payments from Town residents, aged sixty-five or older, who have received an exemption  pursuant  to Subdivision  four of  Section 425 or Section 467 of the New York State Real Property True Law of real property taxes, special ad valorem levies and special assessments for Town, County and School true collection not more than five business days after the date such taxes would otherwise be due, without penalty or interest’.

Seniors with exemptions cannot use  the  online  option during  those 5 penalty free business days. If you try to  pay  online, the  penalty will already be configured. In order to  utilize the  penalty free option, payments may be made at the office or mailed with a United States Postmark.

If you have any questions regarding this new option, do not hesitate to call my office at (518) 668-5722, ext. 2.


Deb Foley, RMC

Town Clerk & Receiver of Taxes Town of Lake George

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