Open Burning Permit

 No Charge

Where to Apply:

Town Clerk’s Office


Open Burn Permits issued through the Office of the Town Clerk are only for the residents of the Town of Lake George.The purpose of such permits shall be for on site, single family, residential clean up of leaves, yard waste, newspaper, clean lumber (no plywood, pressure treated, painted/stained, etc.). 

Permits are not required for cooking fires, warmth (hunting, fishing, camping, recreation) or smudge (agricultural). 

Burning at commercial locations or waste generated by commercial activity is prohibited. 


ANYONE clearing land for ANY constructions MUST contact the Warrensburg DEC Air Resources Office for their permit.

The Town offers to accept brush at the Transfer Station up to 3″ in diameter.

Additional information is available at the Forest Ranger’s Ofice in Warrensburg: 623 1300, or the Ray Brook Office: 897 1300.



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