Business License

Business License

Cost: $25.00 per year
Approximate Time from Application to Issue: Usually immediate

Where to Apply:

Town Clerk’s Office


All business conducted within the Town of Lake George shall have a Business License. This includes all kinds of trades, vocations, occupations, professions, enterprises, establishments, and all other kinds of activities and matters which are conducted for profit within the Town of Lake George; provided, however, that this definition shall not include any and all professions licensed by the State of New York.


Form CE-200 for Businesses not needing Disability Insurance
This link is access to the Web Site of the Workers Compensation Board and directly to the pdf of Form CE-200. The Form CE-200 is necessary for those businesses filing for a Business License to declare that the business is not required to carry Disability Insurance.

This form must be downloaded and printed, completed, then sent to the Workers Compensation Board. The time period for completion using this form could be 4-6 weeks.

Phone number for inquiries and questions: 1 866 750 5157.

WCB Form CE-200 for online completion
The Workers Compensation Board Form CE-200 can be completed on line using this link.
This process can speed up the application and approval time.



How does a person get a permit to have a vendor’s cart?
A vending cart is considered a transient vendor. A transient vendor license costs $500 per day vending is done. The process in getting the license involves application to the Planning Board for a Site Plan review. Following approval of the Site Plan Review, the applicant must appear before the Town Board at a regular meeting. Following those approvals, the license will be granted for the specific days for which the $500 fee has been paid.


Business or Occupation License Application 2013
Business License Renewal (PDF – 7.5 KB)

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