The purposes of the Consolidated Health District regulations are the elimination of existing pollution and the prevention of new pollution by control over proposed sewage disposal systems, over the modification of existing sewage disposal systems, and over the design of adequate drainage systems; and to further ensure correct and adequate potable water supply systems and the protection of water sources.

The Board meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month as long as there is business to transact.

Meeting Agendas & Minutes 

document May 30, 2023 CBOH minutes

document CBOH Agenda May 9 2023 .docx

11/01/ document 2022 CBH Minutes 

document CBOH Agenda 11/01/2022 

09/ document 6/2022 CBOH Minutes

document CBOH Agenda 9/6/2022

document CBOH Agenda 9/2/2022  

document CBOH Agenda 3/15/2022 (2)

CBOH Agenda 07-27-2021

  document 02-23-2021 - CBOH Agenda

Scheduled meeting dates for the Consolidated Board of Health.  Please contact the Planning and Zoning Office at 518 668 5131 to confirm that the meeting will be scheduled on the specific date.


Below on this page is a link to the application for  Onsite Water Treatment Systems.

The Town of Lake George Consolidated Health District Regulations A-180:

NYSDOH Appendix 75-A Wastewater Treatment Standards – Individual Household Systems:

NYSDOH Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems DESIGN HANDBOOK 2012:

NYSDEC Design Standards for Wastewater Treatment Works in the Lake George Basin:


Don Smith 
Phone: (518) 668-5722

Ray Perry
Phone: (518) 668-5771

Dennis Dickinson
Phone: (518) 668-5131


Town Code
The entire Town Code is accessible on this link. However it has been discovered that certain firewall programs make using the link impossible, therefore it might be necessary to disable the computer’s firewall program temporarily to view the code.

Application for Consolidated Board of Health review
 Consolidated Board of Health Application

Application for construction, replacement, or alteration of an onsite water treatment system
 Application for Resident OWTS Construction Replacement Alteration