February 11, 2019 @ 6:15 pm
Town Center Meeting Room
20 Old Post Road
Lake George

The agenda is also available at the Minutes and Agenda section of the website


                              Public Hearing   6:15  

                             Town Board Meeting 6:30

                                             Town of Lake George  

                                               May 13, 2019

                                           Res 65


Pledge of Allegiance


Public Hearing 6:15 pm -175-52B Amendments -Dan

Final Draft Town Code Amendment


Ben Driscoll-  Snap -food stamp program


Approval of Minutes

 Regular Meeting April 8, 2019


Old Business/ Discussions

  1. National Grid Streetlight Conversion-Dan
  2. Host Compliance Contract-Dan
  3. Orcutt Bay-Dan
  4. Leftover grant funds in Budget-Dan
  5. 2019 Grant Applications-Dan
  6. LG American Legion Memorial Day Funding -Jenn
  7. DiscussVillage of Lake George -Landfill Taxes –Jenn
  8. Discuss Firehouse Contract


New Business

  1. Res. to adopt Local Law #1-2019-Dan
  2. Res. to approve 2019 MS4 Annual Report-Dan
  3. Res.- Rise Engineering Contract for HD Garage LED Conversion-Dan
  4. Res. to approve retaining Four Corners Energy LLC -Dan
  5. Review/Approve Final Retiree Compensation.. Becky Coon, Dan Davis, Nancy

        Earl. -Jenn

  1. Res. to approve hiring Rob Lanfear- Superintendent of Highways-Jenn
  2. Res. to approve hiring Gina Martin as Court Clerk- Jenn
  3.   Budget Transfers -Jenn


Committee Reports

 Supervisors Report


Privilege of the floor



                            Next Regular Town Board Meeting June 10, 2019 @ 6:30 PM


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