January 8, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
Town Center Meeting Room
20 Old Post Rd
Lake George, NY 12845


20 Old Post Road Lake George, NY 12845

518 668-5131

January 8, 2019

6:00 PM

▪              Roll Call

▪              Acceptance of the December 11, 2018 meeting minutes.



Application Type:                    Modification to Site Plan Review SPR41-2017

Applicant:                                Jon Tousaint

Owner:                                    Jon Tousaint

Agent:                                     Tom Hutchins

Location of Property:              1 Tamarac Lane

Tax Map No.:                          226.09-1-3

Lot Size:                                  0.62 acres

Zoning Classification:             RCH-LS (Residential, Commercial High Density – Lake Shore)

Code References:                    175-23, 175-37

SEQRA:                                    Type II

Project Description:                Applicant originally proposed to replace an existing dwelling with a new, 2 story, 4 bedrooms and 2 baths                                   single family dwelling on the same footprint.  The modification request is to add an additional 110 sq. ft. to                                 the existing /approved building footprint.  Site Plan Review is required for any land use and development in                                 the shoreland overlay district.


Application Type:                    Minor Subdivision SUB1-2019

Applicant:                                Adirondack Lakeview Corporation

Owner:                                    Fort William Henry Corp.

Agent:                                     Devin Dickinson

Location of Property:              48 Canada Street                   

Tax Map No.:                          264.04-1-23

Lot Size:                                  8.36 acres

Zoning Classification:             TC-A (Tourist Accommodations)

Code References:                    175-17, 150-7 & 150-27

SEQRA:                                    Unlisted

Project Description:                Applicant proposes a minor subdivision of 8.36 acres into two lots, 3.17 acres & 5.19 acres respectively.                                                      The 3.17 acres lot is developed with a motel and office building; the 5.19 acres lot will be vacant for the                                                      foreseeable future.  Site Plan Review is required for minor subdivisions.



Application Type:                    Site Plan Review SPR26-2018

Applicant:                                Lake George Dinosaur Park, LLC (Ruben Ellsworth)

Owner:                                    Lake George Dinosaur Park, LLC (Ruben Ellsworth)

Agent:                                     Jere Tatich (Elan)

Location of Property:              1912 Route 9

Tax Map Nos.:                        277.02-1-25, 277.02-1-26, 277.02-1-27 & 264.04-1-35

Lots Sizes:                               28.10 acres, 7.03 acres, 0.82 acres & 10 acres respectively (45.95 total acres)

Zoning Classifications:            TC-A (Tourist Accommodations) & RH (Residential High Density)

Code References:                    175-15 &175-37

SEQRA:                                    Unlisted

Project Description:                Applicant proposes a change to the existing tourist attraction from Magic Forest Theme Park to Lake                                                           George Expedition Park, which will include the addition of “Dino Roar Valley” (20 full scale animatronic                                                      dinosaurs and associated features) as well as enhancements of the current Magic Forest facilities.  Site Plan                                                 Review is required for commercial/tourist attractions projects in the TC-A Zoning district.


  • Any further business that may be properly brought before the Board.


  • All written communications to be considered by the Board at this meeting shall be submitted to Adele Behrmann prior to the meeting date.


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