Water & Sewer

Diamond Point Water District

Phone: (518) 668-2742
Fax: (518) 668-0262

Gage Road
Lake George Highway Department
Lake George, NY 12845

Contact for  Diamond Point Water District:
Joel O’Dell
Phone:  322 7584
Email:  Jodell@lakegeorgetown.org

The Village of Lake George manages the Sewer Department and the Water Department, with the exception of the Diamond Point Water District.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM

The Diamond Point Water District was established to serve the residents of Diamond Point. The district is served by a well off of Diamond Point Road. The billing for the water is handled by the Town Office and customers are billed four times a year.

Other residents of the Town of Lake George, who are served by municipal water, are served by the Water Department of the Village of Lake George (Accessible at (518) 668-5771) and are billed by the Village.

2019 Diamond Point Water Quality Report
This link will access the 2019 Water Quality Report for the Diamond Point Water District
 Diamond Point Water District Water Quality Report

Issues of service or questions should be directed to the Diamond Point Water District or the Village of Lake George, whichever is appropriate.

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