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Diamond Point Water District


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The Village of Lake George Department of Public Works manages the Caldwell Sewer Department in the Town and the Water Department which extends into the Town. The Town of Lake George Highway Department administers the Diamond Point Water District.

Other residents of the Town of Lake George, who are served by municipal water, are served by the Water Department of the Village of Lake George (Accessible at (518) 668-5771) and are billed by the Village.

Diamond Point Water District

The Diamond Point Water District was established to serve the residents of Diamond Point. The district is served by a well off of Diamond Point Road. The billing for the water is handled by the Town Office and customers are billed four times a year. Issues of service or questions should be directed to the Diamond Point Water District or the Village of Lake George, whichever is appropriate.

The Highway Department is worked with the Planning and Zoning Department to analyze the Diamond Point Water District system and working together with the Town Engineers, assessed potential remediation work and improvements that may be necessary in the coming years, due to the system's age and antiquated infrastructure. An evaluation was performed in 2014 on the system, which was updated and expanded upon in the 2022 report. The final 2014 report can be found below, and the 2022 DRAFT report, can be found below. The Town intends on utilizing the report to submit for WIIA grant fudning in the future to make the necessary repairs to the system.

   pdf Diamond Point Water District Maps

  2022 Diamond Point Water Engineers Evaluation

  pdf 2014 Diamond Point Water Engineers Evaluation

Caldwell Sewer District

The Caldwell Sewer District is a Town sewer district that is connected to the Village's Wastewater Treatment system and Village collection system. The district is served by two pump stations (Beach Road and Fort George Road). The billing for the sewer operations is handled by the Town in the form of annual tax bills, where an amount is collected annually through a tax levy, partially based on a unit (O&M) calculation, and partially based on assessed valuation (debt service). 

Capital Projects and other studies or assessments of the sewer system can be found on the Planning and Zoning Page, under Caldwell Sewer District assistance.

Technical questions or inquiries can be directed to Dan Barusch, Director of Planning and Zoning at 518-668-5722 (x5) or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Questions regarding potential hookups or connections can be referred to the Village Sewer Department, at 518-668-5771.

  pdf Caldwell Sewer District Map