Lake George Emergency Squad

Call 911 for Emergency Service
Gage Road, Lake George, NY
For personal calls, dial (518) 668-9506

The Lake George Emergency Squad, Inc. was established to provide and maintain an ambulance and necessary equipment, and to organize within its membership an emergency relief squad which shall be trained to operate such ambulance and render such aid to injured and sick persons as normally required of ambulance personnel, provide emergency personnel, and provide emergency ambulance service within the Town of Lake George.

New Tax District for EMS Services

UPDATE: As of 8/2/2021, the Town has re-approved of this special district, pursuant to a mandatory referendum to be held at the November general election. This is because a petition was filed on the March 2021 approval of the district, which would have required a special election. Following the petition, the resolution to establish the district was rescinded. (in June 2021). Following a public workshop on EMS in July, and a Special Meeting on August 2nd, the Board re-approved the special district, subject to a mandatory referendum (Vote). Public information sessions will likely be held prior to the 11/2 vote. 

pdf Final Resolution to Establish District  August 2021

The Town has been studying the possibility of creating a special improvement/tax district to establish a sustainable way to continue paying for EMS service to the Town, whether in the form of the Town department or a private contract. The EMS Steering Committee, in conjunction with the Planning and Zoning Office and the Town Board, have developed a Map Plan and Report for the formation of a special district for EMS, with the intent on developing a Town EMS Department with district tax levy.

Attached are the final Map, Plan and Report for the proposed Lake George EMS district. The AMENDED version is the latest and complete adopted version.

This Map, Plan and Report document is filed in the Town Clerk's Office and available for review if requested. For any technical questions, please contact either the Town Board at 518-668-5722, or Dan Barusch, EMS District Steering Committee Chair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

pdf EMS District Rescind Approval Resolution June 2021

pdf pdf  EMS District Approval Resolution March 2021

  pdf  EMS District Consent Resolution Village February 2021

  pdf EMS Map Plan Report January 2021_AMENDED



Lake George Volunteer Fire Department

Call 911 for Emergency Service
Amherst and Ottawa Streets, Lake George, NY
For personal calls, dial (518) 668-5083
Visit for more information

The Lake George Volunteer Fire Department was established to serve both the residents in the Village and the Town of Lake George. It is a well supported and well equipt department, trained and ready to meet the needs of the citizens of the Town and Village.
Those qualified and interested in becoming part of the organization would be welcomed.


Warren County Sheriff Department

Call 911 for Emergency Service to Lake George and Warren County
1340 State Route 9, Warren County Municipal Center, Lake George, NY
For personal calls, dial (518) 743-2500
Visit the Warren County Sheriff Department website for more information

The Sheriff’s Department has a presence in the Village of Lake George at the corner of Ottawa and Amherst Streets in the building they share with the Lake George Volunteer Fire Department.