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                                                                                                            Dan Barusch

Dan Barusch

Dan Barusch, Director of Planning and Zoning

Adele Behrmann, Planning and Zoning Clerk

Doug Frost, Code Enforcement Officer

Phone: (518) 668-5131 ext. 5
Office Email:
Director’s Email:

20 Old Post Road
Lake George, NY 12845

Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday



The Planning and Zoning Office administers the Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulations of the Town of Lake George.

This office works with the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals in regulating development throughout the Town. Meetings of the Boards are held monthly, the secondTuesday for the Planning Board and the first Wednesday for the Zoning Board of Appeals. Other meetings are held when necessary.

In order to be included on an agenda for a specific date, applications and paper work must be submitted to the Office prior to the deadline. Included on this page (Planning Board Meeting Schedule and Application Deadlines, Zoning Board Meeting Schedule and Application Deadlines) are the dates of the 2016 Planning Board and Zoning Board Meetings along with the deadline dates for applications.

It is through this office that those involved in any building or development would obtain a Certificate of Compliance, a document necessary in order to obtain a Building Permit from the County.

Copies of the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations can be found in the Lake George Town Code. Click to view the Town Code.

Applications for Site Plan Review, Zoning Variances, Land Use Permits, or Septic Permits can be downloaded from this page.

The Planning and Zoning Office also handles stormwater issues and complaints.

Septic Initiative Program

Click here to view the Septic Initiative Program information details and related documents


Town Code
The entire Town Code is accessible on this link. However it has been discovered that certain firewall programs make using the link impossible, therefore it might be necessary to disable the computer’s firewall program temporarily to view the code.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (
NYS Department of State (
NYS Department of Transportation (
NYS Department of Health (
NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation (
Adirondack Park Agency (
Adirondack – Glens Falls Transportation Council (
Lake Champlain – Lake George Regional Planning Board (
Warren County Fire Prevention and Building Codes (
Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District (
Lake George Association (
Lake George Park Commission (
Fund for Lake George (
Lake George Watershed Coalition (
Lake George Land Conservancy (
Lake George Region Chamber of Commerce (
Village of Lake George (

Hazard Mitigation

2016 Warren County Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Town of Lake George attempts to mitigate harmful effects of natural hazards using the direction from the Warren County Hazard Mitigation Plan.  Click on the link below for the Plan.

2016 Warren County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Building Community Resilience with Hazard Mitigation
Risk Map Discovery Flyer
Risk Map Flood Risk Products
Warren County NY Haz Mitigation Resources

Historic Preservation Planning

In July 2016, the American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP) awarded the Town of Lake George a $50,000 grant to compile a major report including an inventory and analysis of sites and features associated with the Battles at Fort George. This project was accomplished between 2016 and 2018, using period maps and primary documentary sources coupled with non-invasive archaeological field reconnaissance and GIS technology. ABPP funds projects conducted by federal, state, local and tribal governments, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions with the goal of safeguarding and preserving significant American battlefield lands as symbols of individual sacrifice and national heritage.

The creation of this report and associated GIS mapping will allow the Town and partner organizations (the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Fort George Alliance) to effectively identify historically relevant properties throughout the Town and determine the level of importance each site may have played during important American wars. It will serve to educate landowners and land preservation groups about the lack of protection that most sites associated with Fort George currently experience.

The Town worked with Hartgen Archeological Associates to complete this planning research project, which was finished in fall 2018. Throughout the course of the project, numerous public meetings were held to allow for the citizens of Lake George to come learn about the project and to tell us their own stories about the history of Lake George. The project report, which is very large, can be downloaded here or viewed at Town Hall in the Planning and Zoning Office.  Over the next several years, the Planning and Zoning Office will follow the reports guidance on implementation of actions to promote heritage tourism and historic preservation.

The Hartgen Archeological Associates report, Volume I and Volume II
Hartgen Assoiates Report

Lake George Colonial Walking Tour Brochure

Walking Tour Brochure

Historic Preservation 1st Workshop Presentation

Historic Preservation 3rd Workshop Presentation



Economic Development

The Town and Village of Lake George, in coordination with the Adirondack Park Agency’s Hamlet Economic Planning and Assistance initiative, are developing an economic development plan for the Hamlet areas of Lake George.  The plan will also seek to leverage improvements from the Gateway Project, which will turn Route 9 from Exit 21 to the Village line into a boulevard with sidewalks, new lighting, a median, and bike lanes, to generate new growth in the community.   In order to determine components of the plan, we seek your input and feedback.  Please fill out this survey so that we can achieve your vision for Lake George!  Link:


Storm Water Management

For any concerns or report of violations regarding stormwater runoff and pollution, please call 518-668-5131 (x311) to talk to the Stormwater Management Officer.

2018 Lake George Storm Water Management Program Plan

A public survey has been developed to garner input from residents on the perception of stormwater pollution issues. The survey can be accessed through the following link (, or by downloading the file below. Surveys not filled out online can be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Office.

FINAL Town Code Chapters 147 and 148

Printable copy of the Stormwater Pollution survey:
MS4 public survey

Several brochures are available here which include information valuable to all residents relative to storm water management:

 A homeowner’s guide to septic tanks

House Hazardous Waste information

Green up Lawns, not lakes and rivers


Don’t P on your lawn

Oil and Water don’t mix

Urban Runoff and its relationship to water quality

After The Storm: A guide to understanding stormwater

Construction Poster 1

Construction Poster 2


Zoning Amendments

Below are the documents related to the 2018 Zoning and Subdivision code draft amendments.

Please submit any comments to

Chapter 175 – Zoning Amendments -ADOPTION_10.24.18, Track Changes
Chapter 175 – Zoning Amendments -ADOPTION_10.24.18_Clean Copy
Chapter 150 – Subdivision of Land – ADOPTION_10.24.2018, Track Changes
Chapter 150 – Subdivision of Land – ADOPTION_10.24.2018_Clean Copy
Schedule I- Lake George Amendments_ADOPTION_10.24.18
Schedule II- Lake George Zoning Amendments_ADOPTION_10.24.2018



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