The Town of Lake George accepts Occupancy Tax Applications in two ways:

The Town of Lake George Occupancy Tax Committee accepts applications year round and the Town Board reviews applications at most monthly Town Board meetings.

For more information please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) in the downloadable PDF below in the Documents section.

To Apply, please fill out our application and budget questionnaire, in the downloadable PDF below in the Documents section.

Please note that after the event, applicants are required to submit a Post Event Report and Post Event Budget Summary

The Town of Lake George/Village of Lake George Joint Occupancy Tax Committee was founded in 2015 and accepts applications for funding for events in Lake George.

The Committee is made up of the Town Supervisor, Village Mayor, a Town Councilperson, Village Trustee, two (2) hotel owners from the community and one (1) business owner from the community.

The application deadline is December 31 and applications are reviewed late January of the following year at a Joint Committee Meeting in the Town Hall. Applications can be submitted year-round and will be kept on file until the January meeting.

Here is a link to news about the Town and Village working together with bed tax allocations.