The Office of the Town Clerk provides many services to the Town and to the residents of the Town.

Certain state permits, licenses, and documents are issued through the Clerk’s Office: Marriage Licenses, Death Certificates, Birth Certificates, Handicap Parking Permits, Fish and Game Licenses, Controlled Burn Permits, Dog Licenses, and Game and Wagering Permits.

In addition, local licenses are also issued: Business Licenses, Garage Sale Permits, Vendor Licenses, and Transfer Station punch cards.

The Clerk’s Office manages the records of the Town making them available to the public through the Freedom of Information law as requested. The Town Clerk takes the minutes of all Town Board Meetings.

The Office serves also as the Receiver of Taxes for the Town and County which are due in January, the School taxes which are due in September (areas covered by the School taxes are those areas in the Town of Lake George, Bolton Landing, and Fort Ann where children attend Lake George Central School ) and the Diamond Point Water District Fees which are due quarterly.


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