Order Setting Public Hearing Concerning the Proposed

 Establishment of a Town-wide Ambulance District

Resolution #37-2021 

WHEREAS, the Lake George Town Board is considering forming a Town-wide Ambulance District in accordance with Article 12-A of New York Town Law for the purpose of providing emergency medical and ambulance services within the Town; and 

WHEREAS, upon formation of the Lake George Ambulance District, the Town will instead be the municipal entity imposing a tax to provide such services to the District and the Town Board is advised that the tax for such service will no longer come in the form of general Town Tax; and 

WHEREAS, a Map, Plan and Report was prepared by the formed EMS District Steering Committee concerning the proposed District and was filed in the Town Clerk's Office on January 25th, and made available for public inspection; and 

WHEREAS, the Map, Plan and Report describes the boundaries of the proposed District, the proposed method of operation, the maximum amount proposed to be expended for the ambulance services and the cost of the proposed District to the typical property and the cost of the proposed district to other assessed property values, and the proposed method of financing to be employed, if any; and 

WHEREAS, establishment of the proposed District was determined to be an Unlisted Action under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and a SEQRA Short Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) was prepared for the proposed District;  



  1. The boundaries of the proposed Lake George Ambulance District will be the entirety of the Town of Lake George, inclusive of the Village of Lake George. The map for the district can be found in Appendix A of the Map, Plan and Report filed in the Town Clerk’s Office. The list of properties can be found in Appendix B of the Map, Plan and Report filed in the Town Clerk’s office.
  2. Services to be provided include Basic Life Support transport and treatment and arranging for or providing Advanced Life Support Treatment in compliance with the Regulations of the New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Service. These services will be provided by the newly formed Lake George EMS Department, a municipal department of the Town.
  3. For the first year of operation of the Lake George Ambulance District, the maximum cost to be expended is estimated to be $786,600 for the services provided.
  4. A capital improvement fund in the amount of $20,000 annually will be established for future capital improvements, and part of the overall maximum cost expended.
  5. A maximum of $80,000 in debt service costs will be taken on by the proposed District to pay the Lake George Emergency Squad for certain of its assets, to be paid out in four (4) years at a maximum payment of $20,000 annually to the financier, and part of the overall maximum cost expended.
  6. The estimated cost to the typical property in the District, which typical property is a one- or two-family home, for the first year of operation of the District is $70.00. The estimated cost is based on a total cost for the first year of $786,600 divided by the total taxable assessed value of property in the Town (and Village) of $1,385,597,026, resulting in a tax rate of $0.40 per $1,000 of taxable assessed value. The assessed value of a “typical property” in the District is the most frequently occurring assessed value of $175,000; therefore the estimated annual cost to the typical property is $70.00.
  7. A detailed explanation of how the estimated cost of the District was computed is included in the Map, Plan and Report which has been filed with the Town Clerk and is available for public inspection.
  8. The Town Board hereby determines to conduct an uncoordinated SEQRA review of the proposed District establishment.
  9. The Town Board shall meet and hold a public hearing via Zoom Videoconference Software (as authorized by Executive Order 202.1, due to the COVID-19 pandemic) at 5:00 p.m., on Monday March 8, 2021 to consider the Map, Plan and Report and to hear all persons interested in the proposed Ambulance District and to take such other and further actions as may be required or authorized by law.
  10. The Town Board authorizes and directs the Town Clerk to duly publish and post this Order not less than ten (10) days nor more than twenty (20) days before the Public Hearing date as required by Town Law Section 209-d, and to complete or arrange for the securing of two (2) Affidavits of Publication and two (2) Affidavits of Posting required hereby and to file a certified copy of this Order with the State Comptroller on or about the date of Publication. Posting shall include placing on the Town’s website. 

By order of the Town Board

Town of Lake George

Patty Schuster, Town Clerk